February 17, 2018
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UFC Fighters Need To Get Paid More

It seems no one is standing up for this unbelievable crap.  These hard working fighters who train and put everything on the line barely get pay outs.  I’m sure all of these fighters have sponsorship deals, and its reported that some earnings aren’t posted.  But even still Dana White as the president of the UFC is worth a whopping $300 million!  Anderson Silva (ignoring recent steroid allegations) is the biggest star in the UFC and has got to be a huge contributor to Dana’s net worth that is 60 times higher than his.  Understood that fighters should get paid by status, in which the better and more proven fighters get paid more, but they simply don’t get paid enough. 

The UFC is reported to be worth roughly $3 billion, as boasted by Dana White.  Where all that money goes is completely unsure.  Knowing that there are clearly more fighters in the UFC than any single team, even still that leaves a huge gap.  The top 20 to 30 athletes simply need to be compensated more.  Some of the biggest single teams in the world are still worth less than $3 billion and they manage to pay their athletes better, and also offer much more.  Through Chuck Liddell’s UFC career he will have earned less from his sport than 16 year old Martin Ødegaard in his first year with Real Madrid, having not played a single first squad game.

UFC Top Career Earnings (estimated by MMA Manifesto)

1 Anderson Silva—$5,097,000

2 Michael Bisping—$4,810,000

3 Georges St-Pierre—$4,457,000

4 Chuck Liddell—$4,380,000

5 Tito Ortiz—$4,135,000

6 Rashad Evans—$3,778,000

7 Jon Jones—$3,650,000

8 Lyoto Machida—$3,475,000

9 Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson—$3,240,000

10 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira—$3,140,000

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