February 17, 2018
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When Will The NBA’s East and West Make Sense?

It’s no surprising fact that the NBA East is way too easy.  Just look at what teams make it to the playoffs (under .500 sometimes).  The West is always a battle, but what is the point of the devision anymore anyway?  Can we just make it one big league where the combined top teams battle it out?  Would that not leave for a more exciting playoffs?  It’s fair chance to have both halves, true.  But this is supposed to be a competitive sports world isn’t it?

It’s especially clear now that bad East teams make the playoffs while good West teams miss it.  Just look at the Celtics this year,  under .500 and, to me, they seemed to be throwing the season away in hopes of getting better draft picks.  But the trends shows that every year for the past 10 years the East struggles to pass .500 as a whole.

End the conferences and make one big league table!  This is supposed to be the best of the best battling for supremacy but how is it that the some better teams get left out?  Maybe the in league championship that has been rumored will finally make this possible.  The East and West divide across all American sports leaves room for weaker teams to strive.  But sometimes its just not fair.  Make one big league table and let the battle for the overall top 16 begin.  Would that not make the entire playoff more exciting?

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  • Alvan Morgan

    East is just a joke..