February 17, 2018
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Boxings Last Hyped Fight.

The world of Boxing is coming to a standstill.  The days of big name boxers are slowing down.  Boxing is less about the fight now more than ever.  It is a Cash Cow, lead by Money.  Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao could be the last big fight in boxing history.  With the rise of MMA and the UFC, boxing seems to be falling back.  And it looks like more and more fans are seeing Boxing for the Cash Cow that it is.  The epicly anticipated fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao charged $100 for Pay-Per-View, a minimum of $1,500.00 for the 1,000 publicly available tickets (which sold out in 1 minute) and grossed roughly $400 million.  The remaining seats at the MGM were given to promoters.  To add, supposedly Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum turned down $85,000 for a ticket.

This Super Fight was a complete let down.  Mayweather danced away from Pacquiao and to be honest it was a completely boring fight, the “best” fighters of our generation and they didn’t really impress.  And Mayweather made out with more than any athlete in a single year roughly $178 million.  But Pacquiao didn’t leave empty handed with a comfortable $122 million.  Let that settle in, we watched two men barely battle it out, and they walked away with more money than anyone could ever need.  Mayweather made $83,000 a second.  Where does that make any sense?  That’s almost triple a teachers annual salary, in just a second of what can only barely be described as boxing.  But don’t worry, of course there will be a rematch, who wouldn’t sign up for that much money again!?  Mayweather says he will give Pacquiao another opportunity in 1 year.  This is absurd.

These are the last two fighters with hype behind their names.  Could this be the last anticipated fight for boxing.  Go ahead and think of the other boxing names you know.  Who is left to watch?  What other match up can we get this excited for in the future?  For now there I don’t know any, and I could be wrong but something tells me boxing will slowly start to fade away.  Plus how many more times can people spend that much money to watch that excuse for a boxing match?  I know everyone is pissed off as to how everything went.  Everyone got suckered into a show, not a sporting event.  Given Mayweather really did win, I personally would have wanted to see an epic battle.

Athletes like Michael Jordan and Ayrton Senna come to mind.  MJ would take the last shot and put everything on his shoulders.  He didn’t do everything himself but you got the feeling he was giving it his all.  He poured everything into the game, and it was clear to see.  Senna, well he was just insane, he put his life on the line racing for only 1st.  He never cared for the points on the table or a safe fallback.  He raced to win no matter what, and he always pushed it to the limit.

When will sports continue to be about the game, and stop being about the money?  Probably never in todays society.  The green paper is too important now.  Championships come and go, you forget who won it all 2 years ago, and you begin to see the losing team shed less and less tears.  Even the losers get to go home, with a check, and comfortable bank accounts.  It’s not sports anymore, its business.