February 17, 2018
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The New Era of NBA Point Guard

The new era of NBA point guard is here.  Freak athletes running point and leading teams, and for the most part they are young.  The NBA MVP was awarded to Stephen Curry, for an unreal season.  First point guard since Derrick Rose to win it, and then before him was Allen Iverson.  The position has high competition.

Think of the names (in no particular order); Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, Isaiah Thomas, Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose.  Super athletic point guards playing more than the passing role.  It’s shaping up to be an exciting future for the sport.  So lets take a look at some stats…

This class averaged:  20.4 PPG,  7.1 APG, and 4.3 RPG.  All shooting strongly over 40%.

The main thing these athletes are bringing to the position is athleticism! Everyone knows how explosive and unbelievable Derrick Rose is, if his body kept up he would have given LeBron some tough moments.  Think about that, Derrick Rose was too athletic for his own body, his mind put him in places his body couldn’t keep up with. It’s safe to believe that if he stayed healthy the league would have been written differently.

We’ve got Steph Curry, the “Baby Faced Assassin“, Coming out of practically no where, no hype to his name until he began to show his feathers.  He’s a ball handling genius who has an amazing shot.  Actually more than amazing, his quick release from downtown is something else.  He took the struggling Warriors, and turned them into very strong championship contenders.

Kyrie Irving who is possibly the best ball handler in the league, remember Uncle Drew?  The guy was bred to break ankles, he makes almost any defender look weak.

Russell Westbrook sitting back on possibly the best offensive season ever?  This guy is all around, a monster.  A freak of nature on the court.  theres not much left to say, if you watch him you know.

There’s Chris Paul, the over all solid PG.  Just look at what his absence does to his team.  He is all around a true point guard.  He’s been there doing this day in and day out without skip.  Averaging a double-double on the season, what else is there to ask for from the teams quarter-back?

All these point guards and the ones to come have brought some real excitement to the league.  It is a bright future in the explosive side of the NBA.  We’re excited, thats all that needs to be said.  The point guard position for too long was almost missing.  The best point guards of all time are going to have to move over.  The position is back and so strong, let’s just sit back and see where this goes.


Photo by: Oscar Quiros – instagram @oscarcueme14 





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