February 17, 2018
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Nick Diaz Really Is Suspended For 5 Years.

Nick Diaz’s suspension wasn’t a joke, the ultimate death sentence for an athlete.  Diaz failed a drug test prior to the fight with Anderson Silva, in which he lost.  Shocking to find both fighters doping with illegal substances, as Silva has a 1 year suspension himself for the fight.  Except ‘The Spider’ and Diaz didn’t necessarily use the same ‘style’ of drugs.  This is where this gets hard to believe.  Silva, the legend, the all time best fighter, was caught using steroids which can ultimately change the result of sports (let’s say).  It’s well known that performance enhancing drugs are not fair, to say the least.

Diaz on the other hand, and wait for it, received a 5 year suspension and over $100,000 fine for, keep waiting, you really won’t believe it, WEED.  Yes the enhancing drug that boosts laziness, sleep, hunger and overall lower cognitive skills.  Nick Diaz will probably never fight again, for using a ‘drug’ that is legal in 23 states.  At first this seemed to be a joke, but indeed it is completely serious.  Now this is Diaz’s 3rd strike, and well the 3 strike law here in America is nothing to mess with.  But this is a complete joke, a man loses his career over a plant that does nothing to help him in a fight.  While the winner of the fight only loses 1 year for a drug that helped him win!

Best of all, Diaz was tested 3 times, passing 2 of the tests from the world anti-doping agency.  To be fair in those 2 tests there were traces of THC but not nearly enough to fail.  The test that trumped Nick ‘The Cheater’ Diaz was household friendly Quest Diagnostic Lab’s!  The household lab for your blood work at home.  These guys are responsible for ending a sports career for a drug, that remember, is legal in 23 states!

There isn’t much that can be done at this point, except sympathize with a guy who liked to take the edge off after getting an ass whooping.

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