December 15, 2017
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It’s A Young Champions League, But Look Out.

The year is young, and the champions have not yet even begun to take shape.  There is so much yet to happen.  But keep an eye out on Manchester United.  Of course there is the expectation to see the big guns in Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern go far.  But this is the champions!  There is so much that can happen!  In the recent years Man U has been, well absent to say the least.  But aside from a tough win against Wolfsburg this week, they seem to be firing up.

Man U’s new signings are coming together quickly.  Memphis Depay is playing beautiful futbol, and Martial has come out of no where.  We’ve all seen the memes for the new Messi and Ronaldo.  Though it’s too soon for that, but don’t rule anything out, ever.  Two new young talents with a rejuvenated Juan Mata, make for some exciting play so far this year.  They added immense experience in Bastian Schweinsteiger and the frontline so far is no problem at all.

Where the team is a bit lack is the back.  David De Gea and his summer drama stands behind an iffy 4.  But there is so much room to grow and no one knows what can happen in the January transfer window.  Don’t forget the big boss Wayne Rooney!  At times he can seem a bit overrated, but the man is pure class and talent.  When he needs to show up, be confident he will.

Remember the year is young, but also remember that Manchester’s odds to win it all are 22/1.  A risk but we’re thinking not a crazy bet.  Don’t blame us though*.  Let the good times keep rolling and keep an eye on a heroic run from England!

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