February 17, 2018
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FanDuel and DraftKings won’t go down lightly

FanDuel and DraftKings haven’t been phased at all by their scandal.  When a DraftKings employee got caught using insider information to win big time on FanDuel, it was assumed that both companies would begin to see declines in business.  Especially with an open investigation into their business by the New York Attorney General.  Instead the fantasy sports sites had their biggest weekends ever!

A record breaking 7.1 million people entered in on their sites!  How is that possible?  Thinking this loophole was definitely closing, the only answer here is… money.  The all mighty dollar that rules all.  If theres real money to be made, theres not much that can be done to stop something.  People keep coming back for more knowing that there’s little in authenticity from both sites.

DraftKings was in full support of their employee saying there was no foul play.  Their investigation found their employee to be completely within the bounds of their morality.  Knowing this, how can anyone willingly continue to visit the site?

The money these companies bring in is unbelievable.  FanDuel alone has 1 million customers, and according to them, expects to pay out $2 billion in prizes this year alone.  That’s a lot of cheese, and simply put too much cheese to fail.  If there’s ever a way to make money then there’s always a way around any hurtles.  So it looks like until a more serious issue arises (which it’s hard to see how this isn’t already) both sites will continue to strive and rake in the dough.

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