February 17, 2018
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The 2015 MotoGP Season Finale Will Be Exciting No Matter What!

The MotoGP season will have an exciting finale no matter what!  After the drama at the Malaysian Grand Prix involving legend Valentino Rossi and young gun Marc Marquez, CAS has decided Rossi will start from the back of the season finale race in Valencia.

In case you missed it 6 time world champion Valentino Rossi, the living legend, kicked Marquez off his bike at the Sepang International Circuit!  Now it’s unclear what really happened, as you can see in the videos, it’s hard to make out if his foot got caught or if he kicked the handle bar (but it definitely looks like an intentional kick).  This was a dirty move by the well seasoned Rossi, he did something you just don’t do in sports period.  The rules are very ‘gentlemanly’ when it comes to contact in MotoGP, but intentionally taking someone out… Let’s just say viewers, and other riders, are quite shocked right now.

Let’s forget about the incident for the moment though.  It’s happened, no one got hurt, and it’s not like Marquez was fighting for championship contention, it’s in the past now.  What should be looked at now is the excitement that is to come at the season finale in Valencia.

As of: Malaysia Grand Prix +/- Points Behind Wins
Valentino Rossi – Movistar Yamaha MotoGP
Jorge Lorenzo – Movistar Yamaha MotoGP
Marc Marquez – Repsol Honda Team

Valentino Rossi leads Jorge Lorenzo by 7 points in the championship as of the Malaysian Grand Prix.  But Rossi will be starting the final race from the back of the pack.  Assuming Lorenzo manages a top 3 starting position, this is definitely going to be a race to watch!  Seperating 1st place from 3rd in a race is just 9 points!  So to guarantee Rossi another championship title he has to race from last place to 2nd, assuming Lorenzo uses this to fuel him to a 1st place finish.  Anything can happen in this sport, clearly, but make sure you tune in for Qualifying on Saturday, and the Race on Sunday because this is going to be a finale to remember!