February 17, 2018
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How is Greg Hardy still in the NFL?

At this point everyone who pays attention to sports has heard about Greg Hardy.  But how is he still in the league?  After Deadspin released the images, of his then girlfriend, showing the disturbing damage he inflicted, how is he still at all desired by anyone or any team?

The man is a complete a-hole and this isn’t just one offense he’s just not a good man.  We simply want to know what’s taking so long in the ‘No more Greg Hardy’ rule.  The NFL already has a terrible face when it comes to players actions off the field but this has to be the line, also the best time to take a stand…

This is short and sweet, get rid of Greg Hardy.  It’s ridiculous to have only given him a 4 game suspension (the same amount as was attempted to be given to Tom Brady).  The man deserves to be in jail, not on national television, playing a professional sport.  A sport full of athletes children look up to, and this is what they get to see now?  Money is clearly more important than anything in sports now, especially the NFL.  Get it together Roger Goodell.


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