February 17, 2018
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Marc Marquez will definitely be back

This was not Marc Marquez’s year.  The 2 time world champion struggled to control his Honda for the majority of the season.  At just 22 he is already a back to back world champion in his first 2 years in MotoGP.  His 3rd year proved he is human though, very uncharacteristic results from the young phenom.

Jorge Lorenzo is the 2015 world champion, and in exciting fashion!  Marc’s fellow spaniard won over Valentino Rossi in a decisive grand finale.  Don’t forget though, Marc scored 0 points in 6 races this season.  Considering the prodigy dominated his rookie year and proved his skill the following year, this was a shock to see.   Fox Sports crunched numbers and found that with ‘average’ results in those races, some of which he was on the podium before going out, he would have possibly won his 3rd straight title.

Marc and his Honda didn’t quite get along this year.  It was a weird sight to see the over leaning and exciting rider lose his bike so much.  He’s a very aggressive leaner when pushing the bike to the limit, backing in almost every corner and pushing the maximum lean angle of his bike.  But Honda made some changes that didn’t agree with this riding style in 2015.

It’s all in the past now and is something the youngster will definitely learn from.  So easy presumption, next year the champ will be back to take his 3rd title.  Marquez is so young, and he’s already proven his stuff, this year was not like him at all.  Not too much of a shocker but expect Marquez to snag his 3rd MotoGP championship in 2016.  With something to prove, and nerves of steel, Marc will be back with a vengeance!

P.s. Don’t forget Marc has a younger brother in Moto2.  Alex Marquez is also a freak talent, like his older brother, who will soon join MotoGP.  It’s going to make for some exciting races no doubt.   These will be battles to watch for sure!