February 17, 2018
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Rousey’s KO could be a good thing for the UFC

Ronda Rousey got KNOCKED THE F**K OUT!  The former UFC champion lost to Holly Holm in embarrassing fashion.  After her usual trash talk, boasting and overconfident assumption of how the fight was going to go, when she stepped into the ring with Holly Holm she was humiliated.  She not only got slapped around the entire first round, but in the second round she did exactly what she said she wasn’t going to do, and ate a nasty head kick that put her out for good.

Surely everyone has seen the footage by now, admittedly it’s amazing to see someone so opposite of humble get what they deserve, but she was rushed to the hospital and required plastic surgery so we all hope she recovers strong.  Now though comes the thought process of what’s to follow.  This could have been the best possible outcome for the UFC.

Not only was Ronda Rousey the most dominant female fighter in history, she was the most hyped athlete for the past year.  Her loss has gained massive attention and sparked even more riot.  This is a perfect time for the UFC to take its next steps in growing the brand.  Rousey was going to take time off for a movie or something (unimportant to the world of sports).  She had already mentioned that after the fight she was going to take some months off, which would be a long wait for another big box office fight.

Rousey has been told she has a medical suspension of 60 days due to her surgery and it could be longer.  This is a lot of down time for Dana White to fill but it won’t be difficult.

Picture Holly Holm the Giant Slayer has the belt and this opens the door for Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino.  One has to imagine that Holm vs Justino is the next fight…  That will blow up the box office and only set the stage for a huge Rousey comeback!  Either she gets a rematch against the woman who embarrassed her, or we get the most anticipated championship fight in woman’s MMA prior to the entire incident.

Dana White can’t be too happy that one of the faces of his sport today took a hilarious beating, but he for sure is going to be happy with his options.  Keep an eye out, for this is only going to keep growing the UFC undoubtedly.

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