February 17, 2018
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Throwing it back to Deontay Wilder beating up a troll

Let’s throw it back to when Deontay Wilder beat up an online troll.  Everyone knows troll’s are the worst excuse for human beings on Earth, they run their mouths and usually hide behind keyboards when they do it.  The safety therein lies with being a safe distance away from the person you’re trolling.  Troll’s can be the toughest people in the world within the safety of their own home, but what happens when a troll meet’s his trollee (a Heavyweight boxer) face-to-face?

Charlie Zelenoff – a wannabe fighter who’s been trolling Wilder for years with harassing phone calls and deeply personal jabs on social media got a lesson in payback worth watching.  Deontay claims Charlie has not only hurled racial slurs at him but also made horrible comments about his young daughter, as you can hear in the video it had something to do with tape over her mouth…

Supposedly tough guy Zelenoff challenged Wilder (praying he wouldn’t show) to meet him at a gym in Los Angeles.  The Heavyweight champ had enough and decided to meet up, oh yea if you didn’t already know Wilder is in fact the undefeated WBC World Heavyweight champ.  So just watch as a troll get’s what he deserves, not so tough in person are we now Charlie?