February 17, 2018
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The UFC is becoming a joke…

For a while now I haven’t been a fan of Dana White.  He cares more about money than anything else [which is fine in this new world of ‘hustle’ over everything…] but he doesn’t pay the fighters enough and the new Reebok deal is a slap in their faces.  To top it off the UFC might be up for sale at a rough price tag of $6 billion?  But recently everything that could go wrong for Dana has.

His pride and joy in Ronda Rousey lost her title in surprising fashion, and the woman who beat her up lost her first title defense, which rules out a rematch one would assume. White’s second gem was embarrassed as well (Conor McGregor of course), who was submitted by Nate Diaz on 11 days notice.  So now you have all the hype that was built up behind two ‘faces’ of the sport falling off.  How can Ronda Rousey come out now and talk trash, sure some fans will be dumb enough to fall for it, but she literally ate the kick she said she wouldn’t.  As for Conor who runs his mouth just as much, how can he be the best in the world as he says, if he lost to a Diaz brother (the arguably less talented one) on 11 days notice?

So you have a sport whose core fans didn’t really care for the trash talk and antics brought about by the new blood.  With fans funneling in for the WWE style stage show.  And Dana white who has set up another McGregor v Diaz fight.  In all honesty if McGregor loses again, that should be it!  That’s the end of that story no?  This rant could go on for days, and probably resonates with core fans on many levels but I’m just tired of this show the sport is becoming.

Thank you Dana for growing the sport to where it is but we know, that you know, you’ve made a mistake.  No one thinks about selling a gold mine unless they start seeing signs that its depleting.  Stop favoriting fighters and make this more about the athletes and not the show.  Pay your employees more and make better decisions.  Or step aside and give Joe Rogan the reigns, no one in the world knows more about the UFC, it’s fighters, or for that matter anything MMA related, than the best sports commentator of all time.  Guaranteed he would know exactly what to do to make the sport exciting and draw in more fans without making it seem like a slow growing joke.


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