February 17, 2018
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The Left and Right Backs!

The beautiful game! 

What an era we’re in, to get to see legends perform magic, like oh I don’t know, Messi and Ronaldo.  With plenty of other talent as well in every position.  Futbol is in a truly beautiful place right now.  But two positions are starting to boom.  Left and Right Backs are starting to transform the game immensely! 

This is a position now utilized as cover up defense and full width attack more than ever!  And these athletes are starting to have five star skills (for those of you who play fifa you know).  These players are pacey, strong, physical, coordinated, and offensive all in one.  They’re transforming the game, and maybe it’s just temporary, but it’s amazing to watch.

These guys need more credit!  Running the length of the pitch and making us think they’re going to score magic goals every time they get close.  To top it off they’re making defenders and attackers look like fools and displaying beauty in both ends of the pitch.  Hopefully it just keeps going and doesn’t slow down, and seeing the types of athletes this position is designed to stop the athleticism will not be slowing down any time soon.   

Lets look at who we have, Marcelo, Jordi Alba, Alaba, Ricardo Rodriguez, Danilo, Dani Carvajal, Alves and Zabaleta.  That’s just naming a few.  Quite the impressive group of players an easily assemble-able highlight real.  But Marcelo is arguably the best player day in and out for Madrid and Alves is so solid up and down the pitch with a laser guided canon of a right foot.

These players need more attention than they already get.  When you see Alaba, Carvajal, Marcelo, Alves and Rodriguez up the field assisting with easy and beauty this isn’t every day stuff.  Arbeloa for Madrid was one of the top Assist makers.  these guys are playing such versatile positions!  Scrappy and pacey players with touch and Joga Bonita!

When a team can comfortably play up the field through a defending position, that opens up a whole new realm of possibility.  There’s no doubt these two positions have stepped up their game like crazy.  Remember players like Roberto Carlos who arguably had the strongest shot in history with accuracy for days.  Don’t forget Maicon with that mind boggling goal in the World Cup.  But compared to the position today its jaw dropping-ly impressive.

So let’s just sit back and enjoy all aspects, not just up front with the big guns, but lets pay attention to the monsters coming from the back 4.  It’s time to appreciate even more than we already do the skill in Left and Right Backs.  If you’re already a fan great but if you haven’t noticed ~ (a) where have you been? and (b) starts paying more attention immediately!

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