February 17, 2018
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Transfers This Summer.


Let’s get started with transfer rumors this summer!  It’s obvious that every big team is going to try and sign all the up and coming new talent (or reemerging talent).  There are already major moves in coaching which will lead to some speculation, like Carlo Ancelotti heading Bayern Munich, and Pep Guardiola getting the reigns at Man City.  But it’s extremely unlikely Pep will persuade Messi to leave Barça as speculated (it’s simply impossible at this point).  But let’s see how much we can cover here.

Lets first try to put Euro Cup performances aside, that will play a huge roll in signings, due to form and time constraints.  This is going to be a very packed transfer window.

The major teams will definitely want reinforcement as per usual and there is a lot of fresh talent this year, from Coutinho and Mahrez in the EPL, to Paul Pogba and Morata at Juve in Italy.  There’s so many options!  It’s so easy for major publicity to come out and say Real Madrid is going to sign – well anyone – simply because of the money they have.  But at this point athletes are getting paid so much money isn’t even on their minds, it’s more where they want to be and what they want to accomplish.  Players have to be read for more than the bid at this point and where their piece will fit into the puzzle.

So let’s see what makes sense for the major teams.

Real Madrid will want to sign everyone obviously.  But they seem to be focused on strikers and midfield at the moment.  They want to sign players like Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Philippe Coutinho and maybe even give another go at David De Gea.  Real Madrid is going to want to reinforce the players they already have and sell jersey’s at the same time.  Seeing as Cristiano Ronaldo is getting older, finding that left wing replacement in a star is key, but thats the toughest seeing as until Ronaldo is ready to go, it doesn’t seem Madrid will just cut him, so theres a problem already with Eden Hazard (aside from his horrid form this year).  Aubameyang promised his grandfather that he would play for Madrid, great news for Madrid fans after watching his exciting year with Borussia, but it’s also going to be tough watching Madrid let go of Benzema, it should have been done so long ago and somehow he is still there standing in the 9 position.  As for Pogba and Coutinho, Madrid will have to fight Barça for those two no doubt and maybe even Bayern.  Coutinho is a complete toss up at this point because you get the feeling he could end up anywhere and maybe even stay in Liverpool.  But Pogba, thats that horse everyone is betting on, but the only thing truly pulling him towards Madrid is Zizou and I don’t believe thats enough.  As for De Gea, that failed trade last summer left a sour taste in everyones mouth, and he signed a new contract with Man U which doesn’t help at all.  But most importantly is the season Keylor Navas is putting on display, he’s definitely done all he possibly can to secure the number 1 for next season.

Now Barça has room to grow on all fronts or comfortably stay content with what they have.  Seems to be the case every year with them as they have been one hell of a team for the better part of a decade now.  Their front 3 is unbelievable, their midfield is unbelievable, their defense is unbelievable, almost all men on the roster can be fully trusted and thats ignoring the fact that they have a lot of youth coming up in the ranks that can be stars as well.  But let’s look at where they truly need help, lets completely ignore the possible trials some of the players face because lets face it no one on that team will see any jail time period.  Dani Alves may be leaving this summer and Andres Iniesta as well, two of the last two core players left on the team.  As for Pique he will just be a year wiser and a year slower which isn’t much just yet.  Their goalkeeping has been flakey at best, but that’s kind of how it’s been for the better part of a decade now as well.  They already have the best player in the world, and they up and coming best player in the world (Neymar) and an over all amazing team.  How can they make it more amazing?  They will most likely snag Pogba, as they have so much to offer to him, weapons all around, guaranteed trophies, it just seems like Iniesta’s slot was made to be filled by Pogba.  As for surrounding players, thats such a toss up, they will find players to strengthen defense especially RB, and they will find some players to strengthen up the bench and that’s even a maybe.  As for losing either Suarez or Neymar, impossible.

Then there is Bayern, this team is so hard to place right now, new coach surprise players, they have so much they can do.  There was a possibility Lewandoski was going to Madrid but that doesn’t seem so likely anymore.  There is also the replacement of Robben and Ribery to think about.  They definitely have options in house to replace with but they seem to be hungry for one more star to glue everything together.  Will they go back to try and grab Rues one last time?  Or maybe surprise everyone with Coutinho or Hakan Çalhanoglu.  These are players that seem fit for the team, and considering there isn’t much talk of Hakan going anywhere it would be no surprise to see Bayern snatch him up.  Ancelotti is a an extremeley versitile coach and he is definitely going to pull off some magic this summer in strengthening the team but not much of it seems to be the big names at the moment.

So let’s recap and see if you can’t try to ignore the rumors that bate everyone.

If Paul Pogba is going anywhere, it’s most likely Barça and no where else.

If Hazard makes a move it will be to Madrid.

If Aubameyang makes a move it will be to Madrid.

If Bayern makes any big moves they will be focusing on Coutinho or Çalhanoglu.

These will be the major moves from big names to the big 3 teams.



There are so many players missing here, but these are the main ones to focus on, the higher pay out trades for the summer.  The absurd over 8 figure trades.

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