February 17, 2018
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Referee No No’s

BOOM Headshot (Pt 1)

If a direct dome shot ain’t funny enough in almost any sport (you know besides the murderous baseball, golf, hockey, jai alai [well basically anything that doesn’t use a nice soft ball]) here’s a head shot with bonus points!  The Robert E. Lee High School kicker pegs a referee in the head …

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Ref’s Say The Darndest Things

In between giants on the battlefield stand people with power who delegate judgement.  Or at least the kids who knew everything about the sport and didn’t have enough talent to play it.  Referee’s are a must and some are legends without a doubt.  But even the greatest make mistakes, and …

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He’s Out!? Fighter Does Referee’s Job.

At Bellator 136, Chad George catches Mark Vorgeas in the Von Flue choke and puts him to sleep.  Except he seems to be the only person to notice.  He has to let the referee know that Vorgeas is out because he clearly wasn’t paying attention.  You can hear them arguing! …

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Bad Call?

First post into the world of referee bad calls… simply put was he out?  Or was he just a little rocked?  you be the judge.  Don’t forget though that so far (recently) UFC referee’s have been butchering fights.  Not just this one but a ton, this is just a start. …

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