February 17, 2018
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Is Nadal Planning Something?

It was a big surprise to see Rafael Nadal so absent this year.  It was a rough year for Nadal, who failed to reach a single grand slam semi-final in 2015.  He saw a quarterfinal loss to Djokovic at the French Open, a second round loss to No 102 Dustin …

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Le U.S. Open

2015 US OPEN OVERVIEW It’s that time of the year again where the players travel to Flushing Meadows to grind out at the last major of the year.  This US Open will be a special one to say the least.  The women’s number one player Serena Williams is looking to …

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Tennis Racquet’s Pro’s Actually Use

Tennis Players have been customizing their racquet since the birth of tennis.  To them it’s more than just a racquet, its an extension of their arm, meaning everything has to be on point to even 1/10th of a gram. They generally use one of three different string combinations , Polyester, …

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